Individual Reed Diffusers - Choose Your Favourite Fragrance

Individual Reed Diffusers - Choose Your Favourite Fragrance

  • A great alternative to using a candle are our aromatic reed diffusers. Our reed diffusers are avaialble in a range of fragrances which you can choose. Simply choose your favourite fragrance and I will carefully create a perfect combination of fragrance oils and wooden reeds. Our thick cut glass reed diffuser bottle will look good anywhere in the home. Below you will find a short description of each frangrance that you can request your Reed Diffuser to be made with. For a more in-depth description please visit the associated candle in our main store. 


    * Fairy Dust 


    A new fragrance that is already very popular with our customers. Tiny droplets of Sunshine sparkling their way through soft powdery sweet floral bouquets, creamy musks and soft sandalwood. 


    Fragrance Notes:


    Top Notes: Bergamot & Apple Skin


    Middle Notes: Lily & Rose


    Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood & Musk


    * Starry Nights 


    Starry Nights is a beautiful fragrance that is very popular with customers both past and present. Combining a mixture of Musky Earth notes with a hint of Citrus. 


    Fragrance Notes:  


    Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Cinnamon, Apple & Grapefruit


    Middle Notes: Cedar, Amber, Jasmine, Patchouli & Tobacco


    Base Notes: Musk, Sandal, Amber, Vanilla, Myrrh & Tonka Bean


    * Cozy Cashmere & Winter Musk


    Cozy Cashmere and Winter Musk is perfect for a moment of winter indulgence. This comforting fragrance will fill your home with festive spices of cinnamon & clove, while the heart comes into full bloom through a winter floral harmony of jasmine, violet & rose. All of this gently descends on to the warmth of saffron, woods, cashmere and a whisper of creamy vanilla!


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Cinnamon & Clove 


    Middle Notes: Jasmine, Violet & Rose 


    Base Notes: Saffron, Warm Wood, Cashmere & Vanilla


    * Jack Frost 


    This is a very popular fragrance that many customers will buy alongside Snow Fairy. You will love our version of this popular fragrance oil. I think you will love, love, love the aroma of the creamy mint and vanilla which flows into the gentle scent of strong dark chocolate. A super rich and creamy candle to fill your home with the fragrance of Christmas


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Mint


    Middle Notes: Vanilla


    Base Notes: Chocolate


    * Snow Fairy


    Introducing one of our most popular fragrances. With its sweet, uplifting and fun aroma which is identical to the well known Snow Fairy fragrance that a well known high street store stock at christams time. Notes of fresh berries, peach, pineapple and citrus completes this candle and is sure to be one for the whole family to enjoy.


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Fresh Berries


    Middle Notes: Peace & Pinapple


    Base Notes: Citrus Fruits


    * Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon 


    A fruity, floral combination of cranberries followed by orange and cinnamon with floral back notes of jasmine and lily on a base of sandal, cedar, musk, vanilla and sugar.


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Cranberry & Orange


    Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Jasmin & Lily


    Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk, Vanilla & Sugar


    * Pumpkin Spice


    Our rich and fruity Pumpkin Spice candle is a well loved addition for the cozy autumnal days. This beautiful fragrance provides an aroma full of dominant notes of ripe orange and pumpkin blended with hints of spicy cinnamon.


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Nutmeg, Orange & Lemon


    Middle Notes: Ginger, Clove & Cinnamon


    Base Notes: Caramel, Tonka & Vanilla 


    * Dragons Blood 


    Our Dragon's Blood fragrance is always a popular choice with our metaphysical, new age and spiritual customers. This potent blend of sweet, spicy and earthy tones is sure to fill your home with its unique fragrance that will have you coming back for more. 


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Orange & Patchouli 


    Middle Notes: Cloves


    Base Notes: Cedarwood & Musk


    * Egyptian Oudh 


    Egyptian Oudh is a heady fragrance that combines floral and woody notes with rich oriental blends of oudh, amber, musk, woods and powdery jasmine. Another favourite for many of our customers and one that always sells out as soon as it is listed. 


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Florals, Cedar & Wood


    Middle Notes: Amber & Musk 


    Base Notes: Jasmine


    * Nag Champa 


    Another popular fragrance with our spiritual and new age customers. Nag Champa is a heady and intoxicating fragrance which combines delicate aromas of spicy woods, floral accords and oriental ambers. 


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Frankincense, Geranium & Rosewood


    Middle Notes: Sandalwood & Lilac


    Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood & Oriental Amber


    * Vanilla 


    A beautiful concoction of creamy vanilla pods which have been whipped to a buttery frenzy. The vanilla candle is full of freshly chopped vanilla pods which all rest on a spicy base of floral aromas and woods


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Vanilla & Nutmeg


    Middle Notes: Florals & Crushed Nuts 


    Base Notes: Warm Woods & Musk 


    * Lemon & Lime 


    Introducing a fun fragrance that is a favourite with many of us customers. Bursting with citrus fruits of zesty lemon and tangy lime this candle is sure to fill your home with an isatiable aroma which will keep you coming back for more. 


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Fresh Green Citrus


    Middle Notes: Lime


    Base Notes: Spearmint


    * Sleepy Head 


    Are the kids driving you mad while the schools are closed? Have you have a stressful day at work? If you have then why not treat yourself to our new Sleepy Head fragrace oil. The heady aroma of calming lavender and ylang ylang have been combined with citrus notes and spicy undertones to create a unique fragrance that will evoke a true sense of calm while also melting the stresses of the day away. 


    Fragrance Notes


    Top Notes: Orange & Grapefruit


    Middle Notes: Lavender & Ylang Ylang


    Base Notes: Tonka Bean & Cinnamon


    * Strawberries & Cream 


    This is an all time favourite with customers, especially during the hot summer months so why not tickle your taste buds with the comforting handpicked strawberries dipped in rich cream. This is a fragrance oil that will fill your home and living space in delicious aromas of sweetness and comfort. 


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Strawberries


    Middle Notes: Creamy Milk 


    Base Notes: Sugar & Vanilla 


    * Whiff Away 


    Introducing the Whiff Away fragrance oil. We all know that feeling when we walk into the house where we are greeted with a smell that we cant put our finger on. This is also a common problem for those of you who have cats or dogs living at home. Although we all love our pets, they can sometimes cause a bad smell ro linger in the house. Whiff Away is an energising blend of bergamot and clary sage with odour neutralising ozone aromas that help to waft away whiffy pet and cooking smells.


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Base Notes: Ozone, Bergamot, Orange Blossom & Aldehydes


    Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Violet & Lily


    Base Notes: Amber, Soft Woods & Musk 


    * Maximus 


    Maximus is a masculine fragrance that is idea for the man of the house. This fragrance has been designed with a mixture of bergamot and citrus which leads into a dark and mysterious heart of rose, patchouli, amber and green moss before finishing with base notes of warm spicy woods. 


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Bergamot, Apple, Blackcurrent, Berries & Pinapple


    Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Birch, Patchouli & Black Pepper


    Base Notes: Oakmoss, Ambergris, Musk & Vanilla


    * Citronella


    Although Citronella is a fragrance that one would only associate with the summer months, this is a fragrnace that can be used all year round. Citronella is obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of lemongrass. This oil has a powerful citrus aroma which is bursting with crisp lemon and grass notes. 


    Fragrance Notes 


    Top Notes: Orange & Lemongrass


    Middle Notes: Chinese Citronella


    Base Notes: Sweet Vanilla


    * Clean Cotton 


    A fragrance that is one of our best sellers. Imagine freshly washed laundry swaying in the summer breeze. Our clean cotton candle offers you an invigorating and refreshing scent. A clean fresh crisp linen fragrance which is combined with eucalyptus, apple blossom and fresh cut grass. 


    Fragrance Notes


    Top Notes: Ozone & White Musk 


    Middle Notes: Orance, Eucalyptus, Sea Kelp & Jasmine


    Base Notes: Mimosa


    * Night Blooming Jasmine 


    Night Blooming Jasmine combines a rich and complex fragrance of floral accords that open with cool bergamot, neroli and ylang ylang. These are supported by a sumptuous heart of jasmine, narcisse, gardenia, orchid and orange blossom which rest on a sensual base of amber, musk, precious woods and soft dry fruits. A truly complex yet highly addictive fragrnace that will have you coming back time and time again. 


    Fragrance Notes


    Top Notes: Bergamot, Neroli & Ylang Ylang


    Middle Notes: Jasmin, Narcisse, Gardenia, Orchid & Orange Blossom


    Base Notes: Musk, Precious Woods & Soft Dry Fruits


    * Jade Orchid & Lotus Blossom 


    An intoxicating fragrance oil that is always a popular choice with our customers. Jade Orchid and Lotus Blossom combines the exotic, spicy, floriental openings of indulgent orchid and jasmine freshened with bergamot leading into a heart of oriental blossom, dewy rose and spiced cinnamon. 


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Orchid & Jasmine


    Middle Notes: Bergamot, Lotus Blossom & Dewy Rose


    Base Notes: Cinnamon, Amberwoods, Musk & Vanilla


    * Rock Salt & Driftwood 


    A mesmerising floral marine scent where refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae lie in a cool rock pool livened by a fresh coastal breeze all enhanced by touches of cyclamen and water lily. At the base of the fragrance you will find sparkling salt drusted driftwood, warm amber, patchouli and musk. 


    Fragrance Notes: 


    Top Notes: Ozone & Seaweed


    Middle Notes: Cyclamen & Waterlily


    Base Notes: Driftwood, Amber, Patchouli & Musk


    * Sparkling Lemon 


    Pucker up to the sparkling splashes of citrus delight with luscious accords or juicy lemon and tangy sherbert. A true favourite with everyone who uses it. 


    Reed Diffuser Weight - 421g Incliding box and reeds

  • When you receive your reed diffuser, simply open the cap and place the reed sticks into the diffuser. You’ll enjoy continuous fragrance for up to 4 weeks.